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There is absolutely no reason to lose the precious moments of one of the most important days of your life to fading memories! Today we check out the most important benefits of wedding videography, as the brides and grooms see them.


Capturing audio, including the vows and speeches

With only wedding photos, it is not possible to capture the two of you reading your vows, any of the gorgeous speeches from the reception, or the music that you dance to for your first dance. The addition of an extra ‘sense’, hearing, to your memories keeps them vibrantly alive for many years.


Capturing Motion

Ours brains are hardwired to pay most attention to moving images – wedding videography taps into this innate tendency.

Capturing the moments you miss

You can’t be everywhere at once – and with professional wedding videography, you can catch the funny, touching and intimate moments that you would have otherwise missed.

Capturing people in their natural state

The vast majority of people in this world have a ‘photo face’.  Even with non-posed photos, the click of the camera and the flicker of the flash makes people feel uncomfortable … and in photos, you can tell! Good wedding videography captures people without noise or flashing, and makes the memories much more natural.

Capturing the entire experience

This may be more a matter of convention that practicality, but most couples find that wedding videography packages are made to capture the entire day, from the bride’s and groom’s preparations, to the ceremony, to the travel, to the reception.

Capturing the day for those who can’t attend

Photos are fantastic for sharing your wedding with people that couldn’t make it … but nothing compares to the experience of almost actually being there that wedding videography provides.

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